Our dog Bongo is an escape artist. Due to neighbor issues, a quick build was done on a privacy fence for that side of the house, also where Bongo was escaping.

Steve was generous with his time and tools, and Steve and I spent our Saturday learning to hate augers and Georgia soil! But with a lot of sweat and hard work (with breaks for hailstorms!) the fence went up and was ready to hold the dogs by mid afternoon Sunday. Cool

I owe Steve bigtime for his help with the auger difficulties when it dug into a root and Steve was able to get it out by hand. I know Steve's in much better shape, but I imagine he's hurting at least a little bit considering how sore I feel. The auger may have been a pain, but without it we would still be on about the third post. Lesson learned from this is always rent power tools when you don't have them! The auger and the pneumatic nail gun took a week long project and made it into a day and a half project. (Oh yeah, and a great helper shortened the time as well! Smile )

Pictures and more to be added soon.